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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Melissa "MT Imagination"Female/Canada Groups :iconmarandian: Marandian
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Tokota AoA/Shedu SPC image (stained glass or Normal style)
Rites of fertility and/or Shedu SPC's to get you're mounts ready for breeding. 
I am also available for Rites of dominance, training images and points packages.
I also accept USD payments, and on occasion slot trades 
Stained glass
Stained Glass art, with Background.
Only one character per image. Animal Characters only. 

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Reina 13704 by SheduMaster…

K-mas festival 2017
30th of JANUARY, 2017

Trophy PRIZES Trophy 

Welcome to one great event, dedicated to one of the most magnificent of all shedu sub-species -KOMAINU SHEDU CAT
This annual event is Christmas and New Year themed and will be running untill middle of January.
Star! Star! Star! 
However this journal is dedicated not only to show itself.
As you remember december and january were selected as special annual komainu months.
Aside from raffles and art sales, that comes with this "special" season, there are two more thi

E137 Boucle Foal by Makoes

Makoes, you have won:
Gold Dun Asterix Gemme with Reverse Brindling (bonbon carrier) (Normal)
Classic Dun Asterix Extended Marée with Reverse Brindling (bonbon carrier) (Normal)
Birthstone: Yellow Sapphire
ID: E279
Optional Predicted Height: 16hh

Rolled for Reverse Brindle breeding mutation!
Parents: x
Rouge Overo Frosting Lauriers
Birthstone: Turquoise OR Chocolate Stone
ID: F155
Height: 15hh
*Bought from Scutterland (transfer pending)…
Creme Asterix Sabretooth Felin (Pearl carrier)


Gold Champagne Sabino Snowflake Appaloosa Asterix

Birthstone: Turquoise OR Firework Stone
ID: F333
Optional Predicted Height: 17hh

Rolled for Fin Ears inherited breeding mutation(s)!
Rolled for Butterfly Wings, Double Tails random breeding mutation(s)!

Stuff to Do!



Tulukaruk 15583 by TotemSpirit
From: (

RT Mid Vur Shaan by RoseThornStables RT Ensosin-Hah by RoseThornStables


The Must Do...To-do listBecause The List and Unused Foal Geno's have Everything, and I needed something a little simpler to be able to sort just what "Needs" to be done, and focus on those first. 
Slowly getting myself organized!! 
7/10 kaaring done

:star:SND: Lagertha 668 :star:
Needs designing:
To Design:
(split litter with FMNF) :new: Needs to be designed!
:bulletblue:12535 Male, Heavy 185cm
Dominant white over siam peach champagne tan with roan and bald mutation
Str[22] Int[21]

MS Event (Oct 2017)-will sponsor
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Event 2016 - 2017The Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Event 2016-2017 - NOW OPEN!
So you may or may not have seen this poll of mine...which started out as a kind of a joke. But then I thought about it, and concluded this might actually be a pretty neat idea.
I have seen a lot of awareness-themed events out there, but since my mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (she was diagnosed in 1994), I thought it would do no harm in putting the focus on this incurable disease.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

To quote the National MS Society: 
"Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. The cause of MS is still unknown – scientists believ

Christmas lists!!!!!
Christmas WishlistShedus:
- Art in general
- Komainu
- Idk, art of my girl maybe :XD:
- A dire
- A longmane
- A yeti
- A lilac
- Art/Lit

Marandian's I have slots withMares I have slots to:
          ORS Vervada DCXIII by FireSkip
Stallions I have slots to:
FmnF Butterfly Snow CCXXXVI by Nixxily WBS Heart's Apocalypse CLXXXVIII by NativeWolf330 FmnF Aura of the Predator DXVI by kagetora4ever Hei Bai CCLXX by TalonV HFS Kuchiki Byakuya CCCLXVI by TuttibirdArts Arctic Bakteyo CDXLIII by kagetora4ever FmnF Silent Night CCVI by Nixxily FmnF Njaa Kubwa CCLI by Nixxily Marandian import CCCLXXXI - Group Horse by Jian89 marandian import CCCXCIV - group horse by Jian89 marandian import CCCXCI - group horse by Jian89 (11/10cp) ORS Belgabad DCXIV by FireSkip Giliath CCXXXI De Laroche by kagetora4everDark Ages DCLXXXVII by Baylili00
Pairs I have slots to:
LWs: Hircine CCLXVI by kagetora4ever TO LWs: Boethiah LXXVI by kagetora4ever
Horses I have pending slots to:
Marandian foal design DXCI by DatNachtmaehre Marandian Foal DCCXXII by Baylili00

I made them do it :P

Flash sale: Commission Makoes by Nixxily
By :dexnixxily:

Swamp Flight by Paleona
By Paleona

Jewel of Souls by LupisDarkmoon

My Handsome prized dragon on Flight Rising
done by: LupisDarkmoon

Realistic Reef by MiraeChaos
by MiraeChaos

Playing like a fish in water by Karavella-Sanya
by Karavella-Sanya

[raffle] F l o a t i n g by Jaravina
by Jaravina

King of Hearts
King of Hearts by MoniSwift
by MoniSwift

Young Blood
Young Blood by EquinaraProductions
by EquinaraProductions

Makoes's Steed by Prophet-Blaq
A wonderful Shiny rapidash that I "persuaded" Prophet-Blaq to make :lol:

Pokemon ARPG groups 

2 deviants said I really like pokemon and would love to draw them more.
1 deviant said Does anyone know a good active group like this?
No deviants said I'd love to find a pokemon arpg group that does NOT require drawing trainers
No deviants said I like battles, drawing pokemon, breeding them...etc. Even fakemon are ok...just not's to stressful for me.
No deviants said Thanks!


Jan 18, 2017
6:45 am
Jan 17, 2017
12:02 am
Jan 16, 2017
2:45 pm
Jan 16, 2017
2:27 pm
Jan 16, 2017
6:17 am


Makoes's Profile Picture
Melissa "MT Imagination"
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


About Me

Makoes here :D A little about me, hmmm.
I have a daughter born April 11th 2010, whom takes up a lot of my time. I have another daughter born July 2, 2015. Doubly busy now!
I have always loved drawing, and growing up not many pieces of school work escaped a doodle or two, from elementary school all the way to College, lol. I have always loved to draw. It’s only really been since 2013 that I’ve started to really focus more on my art.
Before that I was studying marine life, I use to do a lot of volunteer work with streams, rivers and ocean groups. However; after becoming pregnant with my first daughter, my life has taken a different focus.

To pay the bills I work in a grocery store as a cashier. At first it was a temporary job, something to pay the bills, but after 10 years, I think I am stuck there. Lol. I did meet my SO there and we have been together for almost 9 years now. Like me, he loves to draw, but where I focus on animals, he focuses on humanoids.

In 2013, I entered a raffle held by the Marandian group and won 3 horse designs and was then sucked into the world of HARPG! I’ve been drawing horses ever since! I may even have an addiction…lol.
Hmmm, what else…Let’s see, we have 2 cats, brothers. Mojo the Tabby and Numair the black cat. Mojo loves to play tag and be chased by kids, he’s the “wild” one. Numair on the other hand loves to snuggle, cuddle and hunt. We just got a pet fish as well, a blue male Betta named “Bitey” he is my daughters first pet.

When not being a Mom, housekeeper, zookeeper or referee, I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, pokemon and Flight Rising. I also love reading Fantasy books, sketching, and spending time outside.



Makoes has started a donation pool!
65 / 1,000
Dirty Thirty by Makoes

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12 Question tagging :P

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2017, 12:11 AM

Tagged by kagetora4ever 

1. What's your favorite game?
Depends on the system: Playstation is Final Fantasy, PC is WoW, handheld is Pokemon

2. Who's your favorite actor?
Naked Hugh Jackman

3. If you could move anywhere, where would you move?
I Really Love Belize, it's sooooo beautiful!

4. Is there any fictional world that you'd like to live in?
Pokemon world!! (I'd say Azeroth but the corps runs are soooo long...)

5. Have you ever had a crush on one of your friends?
Yup! I had a crush on him from elementry school all though high school, but we never even dated.

6. Have you ever stolen something, either from a friend or a store?
...Yes, but I was young and dumb then, now I am just to lazy.

7. What would be your dream job?
Marine Biologist (in Belize!) I really LOVE marine life. 

8. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
Surprisingly...not a fish. A fox is what always comes to mind when I think about what animal I would be.

9. Are you hungry right now?
Nope, I had a salmon lox sandwich with cantaloupe not to long ago.

10. If you were put into a squad (think tank, healer, dps), which position would you have?
Healer (or dps), lately I've been Healing for my Guilds progressive raid group, and I am rather enjoying it, not to mention all the fast que's lol. But, I do like helping people, and as a healer, I can do that!

11. What do you think of snow?
As Jessie from Pokemon says "Snow Snow I love it So!!!"

12. Which is your prefered mode of transportation?
Like, general travel? Train. Trains are nice and relaxing, so are boats.

I tag... Nixxily KwehCat Scutterland Ookamigirl00 ArcticNightStudios  Forbidden-Hanyou Seri-goyle =P

My Questions to you:

1) Why that Deviantart name?
2) What do you want to do with your art, your ultimate goal?
3) What art style do you like the most (realism, cartoon, comic book, etc)
4) Which of you're characters (on DA) do you think defines you the most?
5) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
6) What is your favorite plant?
7) Now, what is your favorite rock?
8) Now, what is the one thing in the world you would love to be able to do?
9) Favorite movie?
10) Favorite color?
11) What is immediately to your left? 
12) What is you're favorite method of communication?


Pokemon Sun & Moon tonight!!!!! Sleep? HAHAHAHA....Not tonight!
I accidentally deleted the wrong Pokemon X save file, and lost EVERYTHING!
I'd forgotten I'd switched cartridges for something and thought the "Trash" game was still in the DS...FML!!!!!

Feeling pretty sad right much hard work, hours, breeding, training and memories....

Ixion, my shiny Gogoat that I used for a Sololocke challenge...
lv 100 Talonflame, your flamebody hatched so many eggs.

Skrelp...omg how many eggs I had to hatch to get you
Ponyta, your blue took months to hatch
Pichu, you cute little buddy, you hatched the first day!
Noivern, Relicanth, guys where my shiny ray of hope in battle.

Delphox, my trusty starter, you were perfect in every way. 

And oh so many lv 100's from all my past games, sent over. Event legendaries, shinies, precious traded partners. 

*Curls up in a corner to cry*
Tossing some links here of some awesome artsy how to's from YouTube that I find while on my phone. 

Puka was a blue eyed pikachu that was found drifting out at sea. He has stumpier ears then a regular pikachu as well as an almost psychic sense of tidal waves... Could Puka be from Alola? Was Puka the inspiration for the Alola design?
Puka's English name comes from Puka shells, which are pieces of a shell belonging to a snail. They are used to make jewelry, and are very popular in Hawaii. "Puka" is also somewhat similar to "Pika", as in "Pikachu".

Will we see a Crystal onix Alola form? What other pokemon throughout the series had unusual characteristics that might inspire Alola form pokemon?

Marandian Point's Account

271 :points:
-Wheel tickets 75
-Equinox import 1000
-Necromancer import 2000
-Sugar Jewel import 2000
-Supergroup -4,804

I am a part of something :D

Journal History

Amazing artist!!!!! 

No deviants said Jaravina is an amazing artist with a very awesome art style!!!!
No deviants said They are hosting an art raffle
No deviants said I encourage you all to check them out!!!!


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1000pnts/$10 per image or 20% off for all 10 images (800pnts/$8 per image)

combination of points and USD accepted. Would be detailed. 
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